If you currently have a registered domain and have access to your domain account to make changes, please list your domain in the box.

However if you need to register a new domain name please visit whois.net and search for a domain that is available.

Once you find a domain name, come back to this page, type in the domain and we will attempt registration. There are many factors involved when searching for domains. It is possible that you search and find a domain name and it says available, however another registrar may have already registered the domain and the information has not updated yet. Finding a good .com domain name these days takes patience.

Also, please take a moment to read the suggestions below the form.
Domain Name: www.
If the domain name being transferred is an active web site we strongly encourage you to register a secondary domain while you set up your new web site. Once your new web site is completed we can "point" the existing domain name to your new web site.

If your existing web site is JohnDoeAgency.com and it is currently active we recommend that you register your phone number for your new temporary web site. something like www.2345671212.com

By doing this you will be able to easily copy your existing web site content to your new web site. When all is said and done you will have two web site addresses.

Once we process your domain name you will receive a host form detailing the changes to your domain name at the listed administrative email address of the domain name. 

Simply submit the email per the given instructions. In the event that you have any questions regarding this host form please contact us at MyAgencyOnline Support


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